How a professional CV increase your chances of getting your dream job?

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market competition for getting hired is very high nowadays On the other hand, technology also made the recruitment process even harder Your resume must pass ATS (Application Tracking System) successfully then your CV will be going on the table in front of a recruiter for human screening and review, So first, you have to feed robots what they want, which means you have to customize your resume based on job descriptions and requirements and you need to place all those keywords exactly in your CV, The second test is your resume itself The recruiters will check the following criteria in your curriculum vitae;

  • Overall formatting and presentation
  • Contents (your education, experience, skills, and more)
  • Grammars and spellings
  • relevancy to the job

those are the criteria for which you have to work hard, in this website, we offer you completely editable modern cv templates as low as $10 Please refer to the store and place your order now.

Below are the top resume categories you can order.

Senior or executive-level

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