Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates (12 animated Slides with Morph Transition)


Creative PowerPoint Presentation Templates

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More Details:

  • The template contains 12 slide
  • All slides are animated
  • The slides and backed up with Morph transition
  • All the images are used in this presentation are copyright-free.

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How Can You Make Your Own PowerPoint Presentation Templates?

Making and using PowerPont Presentation templates is simple. with a little knowledge of PowerPoint can make a presentation. The real deal is time and creativity in order to make an impactful presentation that can build an impact on your audience.

If you have the time and have the potential to make what you need, you should go ahead and make it yourself. Otherwise, we have put lots of effort into making those slides for you and your business, which are well-designed and professional.

Also included below are some pointers and guidelines to help you create your own template.

Creating Slides for a Presentation

The first thing you need to understand about PowerPoint as a newbie is the concept of slides. A slide is like a blank document (so to speak), which presents your ideas in the form of text, images, charts and animations. The first slide is the one that introduces the topic of the presentation, this is followed by a step-by-step sequence that has a specific start and a conclusion (the ending).

Inserting Content

There are various ways of inserting content in PowerPoint. The Insert tab contains all the necessary options you need to insert a text boxes, images, charts, SmartArt Graphics and even videos or audio. The options are pretty much self-explanatory. You can also drag and drop objects like images to your slides.

Formatting Tools

Once you select an object in a slide (say an image, chart or textbox), the Formatting options tab becomes active from the Ribbon menu. If you select an image, the formatting options for the image will appear in the form of Picture Tools, likewise, for charts, the Chart Tools option becomes active with formatting options. For the text, you will see the Drawing Tools option for changing the size, font and, color of your text.

Animations and Transitions

To spice up your presentation, you can use animations and transitions. Transitions are applied between slides and are used for switching a slide using an effect (e.g. raising curtains). The animations on the contrary, animate selected objects. You can for example, select an object and pick and animation from the Animations tab to give it that effect.

Presenting Your Content

Once you are done making your slides, hit F5 from your keyboard or click Slide Show button from the bottom right corner of PowerPoint. You will notice that clicking on the slides or hitting the Right/Left arrow keys from your keyboard allows you to navigate the slides. Use the Right key to proceed forward and the Left key to move backward when navigating your slides.

The purpose of PowerPoint is to act as a visual aid as a presenter goes along presenting their option, ideas, sales pitch, etc. Make sure to not make your slides too wordy and concentrate on adding only basic bullet points. Using videos can also help in explaining long concepts in a shorter time frame, with more precision.

Using PowerPoint Presentation Templates

As making everything from scratch can be too laborious, you can always use high-quality readymade templates and simply edit them to quickly create a professional-looking presentation. We at Slide Model provide High-Quality PowerPoint Templates that are easy to customize, right down to basic slide elements.



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